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  • Casting roller G Roller casting G Large roller casting G Professional roller casting;
  • Rubber joints, rubber soft connections, rubber suspension throats were once hot-Shenyang;
  • Manufacturers customize large non-standard wear-resistant oil-resistant rubber O-ring O-RING;
  • Production and wholesale of ZDY series drilling rig barrels;
  • Dongguan rubber band manufacturer custom printing rubber ring;
  • Supply of large-diameter high-pressure hoses, dredging hoses, quality assurance, competitive prices;
  • Thermoelectric furnace rubber brake;
  • Production and sales of various specifications of plate rubber bearings, basin rubber bearings, expansion joints, and waterstops;
  • Anhui silicone rubber products rubber rods;
  • D type steam box oven boiler silicone seal;
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