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  • SMT incoming processing, R & D model BGA welding, scrap circuit board disassembly;
  • Exhaust FA-400 smoking instrument | Anti-static FA-400 smoking;
  • Beijing Blue Low Temperature Plasma Purifier for Waste Gas Treatment 13383061441;
  • Tin scrap waste tin waste scrap price;
  • Decolorization and adsorption of heavy metal anions for printing and dyeing wastewater of magnesium hydroxide ex-factory environmental protection water treatment agent;
  • Pearl black stone, Shouning red stone;
  • Plasma photolysis exhaust gas deodorization purifier Complete set of exhaust gas deodorization treatment equipment in spray painting workshop;
  • Specializing in the production of embedded medical purification lamps, operating room lights, custom film viewers;
  • [Yicheng Auto Insurance] Supply of Apple tire expander KT-Q auto tire repair tire expander car maintenance equipment;
  • Agent Plasma Medical Power Supply_A large number of high-quality turbulent plasma generation systems;
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