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Announcement on Invitation to Participate in the "2019 First Central China Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Cleanliness, Food Freezing Processing and Cold Chain Logistics Exhibition"

Time: 2019-08-12 11:09

Hubei Institute of Refrigeration

Hunan Institute of Refrigeration

Henan Institute of Refrigeration

Anhui Institute of Refrigeration

Shanxi Institute of Refrigeration

Wuhan Cold Exchange Society

Hubei Province Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Industry Association

HVAC Special Committee of Hubei Civil Engineering Society

HVAC Committee of Hubei Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Association

2019首届中国中部制冷、空调、 About Inviting to Participate in the " 2019 First Central China Refrigeration, Air Conditioning,

Ventilation, heating, cleaning and food freezing

”的公告 And Cold Chain Logistics Exhibition "


Members and related units:

“中部崛起”、“一带一路”和“中国制造 2025 ”等国家战略,发挥中部地区承东启西连南接北的区位优势和桥梁纽带作用,进一步加强国内外制冷空调领域的交流与合作,促进行业新技术、新工艺、新产品的推广和应用,提升全行业实体经济的发展水平和创新能力,实现习总书记“建成支点,走在前列”的殷切嘱托,由湖北省制冷学会、湖南省制冷学会、河南省制冷学会、安徽省制冷学会、山西省制冷学会、武汉制冷学会、湖北省空调工程施工行业协会、湖北省土木建筑学会暖通空调专委会、湖北省空调制冷行业协会暖通空调委员会将联合主办 2019 首届中国中部制冷、空调 通风、供暖、洁净与食品冷冻加工及冷链物流展览会(以下简称 “中部制冷空调展”),展会相关事项如下: In order to serve the national strategies of “Rise of Central China”, “One Belt and One Road” and “Made in China 2025 ”, we will use the advantages of the central region to connect the east to the west, connect the south to the north, and serve as a bridge to further strengthen the exchanges in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning at home and abroad. Cooperation to promote the promotion and application of new technologies, new processes and new products in the industry, enhance the development level and innovation ability of the real economy of the entire industry, and implement the enthusiastic request of General Secretary Xi to “build a fulcrum and walk at the forefront”. , Hunan Refrigeration Society, Henan Refrigeration Society, Anhui Refrigeration Society, Shanxi Refrigeration Society, Wuhan Refrigeration Society, Hubei Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Industry Association, Hubei Civil Engineering Society HVAC Special Committee, Hubei Air Conditioning Refrigeration Industry The HVAC Committee of the Association will co-sponsor the first Central China Refrigeration, Air Conditioning , Ventilation, Heating, Cleansing, Food Processing and Cold Chain Logistics Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the “Central Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Exhibition”) in 2019. The related matters of the exhibition are as follows:

I. Exhibition Overview

2019年11月22日—24日(20-21日报到及布展) Development time: November 22-24, 2019 (registered and set up on 20-21)

Venue: China (Wuhan) Cultural Expo Center (Wuhan Living Room)

“节能环保,绿色低碳;通力合作,创新发展”为主题,力求以强大的品牌集聚效应,形成以展览、展示为基础,以高峰论坛、学术交流为载体,以湖北省制冷学会成立四十周年庆典为契机,打造产、学、研、设(计)、施(工)、用(户)、媒(体)高度融合的多元化宣传、展示平台。 The first Central Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Exhibition has the theme of "Energy saving, environmental protection, green and low carbon; concerted efforts, innovation and development", and strives to build a strong brand agglomeration effect to form an exhibition and display based on the summit forum, academic exchanges, and Hubei The 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Provincial Refrigeration Institute is an opportunity to create a diversified publicity and display platform with a high degree of integration of production, learning, research, design (design), construction (engineering), user (user), and media (body).

10000平方米,国内外参展厂家(公司)200余家,参展展品涵盖全球制冷、空调、通风、供暖、洁净、食品冷冻加工、冷链物流知名品牌。 The exhibition covers a total area of 10,000 square meters, and there are more than 200 domestic and foreign exhibitors (companies). The exhibits include global famous brands in refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cleanliness, food freezing processing, and cold chain logistics. Government departments, industry organizations, relevant enterprises, institutional experts, buyers and nearly 15,000 professional visitors and users from across the country will be invited to visit and negotiate.

组织机构 Organization

中国设备管理协会 Guidance unit: China Equipment Management Association

湖北省制冷学会、湖南省制冷学会、河南省制冷学会、安徽省制冷学会、山西省制冷学会、武汉制冷学会、湖北省空调工程施工行业协会、湖北省土木建筑学会暖通空调专委会、湖北省空调制冷行业协会暖通空调委员会 Organizers: Hubei Refrigeration Society, Hunan Refrigeration Society, Henan Refrigeration Society, Anhui Refrigeration Society, Shanxi Refrigeration Society, Wuhan Refrigeration Society, Hubei Air-Conditioning Engineering Construction Industry Association, Hubei Civil Engineering and Architecture HVAC Special Committee Association, HVAC Committee of Hubei Province Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Association

北京制冷学会、上海市制冷学会、天津市制冷学会、重庆市制冷学会、河北省制冷学会、山东省制冷学会、江苏省制冷学会、浙江省制冷学会、福建省制冷学会、辽宁省制冷学会、吉林省制冷学会、陕西省制冷学会、甘肃省制冷学会、黑龙江省制冷学会、四川省制冷学会、广东省制冷学会、云南省制冷学会、贵州省制冷学会、内蒙古自治区制冷学会、广西壮族自治区制冷学会、新疆维吾尔自治区制冷学会、河北省空调与制冷行业协会、山东省制冷空调行业协会、浙江省制冷空调行业协会、山西省制冷空调协会、天津市制冷设备行业协会、福建省节能环保技术服务协会、河南省暖通空调冷冻节能协会 Co-organizers: Beijing Refrigeration Society, Shanghai Refrigeration Society, Tianjin Refrigeration Society, Chongqing Refrigeration Society, Hebei Refrigeration Society, Shandong Refrigeration Society, Jiangsu Refrigeration Society, Zhejiang Refrigeration Society, Fujian Refrigeration Society, Liaoning Refrigeration Society, Jilin Province Refrigeration Society, Shaanxi Refrigeration Society, Gansu Refrigeration Society, Heilongjiang Refrigeration Society, Sichuan Refrigeration Society, Guangdong Refrigeration Society, Yunnan Refrigeration Society, Guizhou Refrigeration Society, Inner Mongolia Refrigeration Society, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Refrigeration Society, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Refrigeration Society, Hebei Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Association, Shandong Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, Zhejiang Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, Shanxi Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association, Tianjin Refrigeration Equipment Industry Association, Fujian Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technical Services Association, Henan HVAC Refrigeration and Energy Conservation Association

尚格会展股份有限公司、武汉诚汇友展览服务公司 Organizers: Shangge Exhibition Co., Ltd., Wuhan Chenghuiyou Exhibition Service Company

Important Events During the Same Period

开幕式及领导、嘉宾巡馆; 1. Opening ceremony, leadership and guest tour;

行业高峰论坛及专题讲座; 2. Industry summit forums and special lectures;

湖北省制冷学会成立四十周年庆典; 3. The fortieth anniversary celebration of Hubei Refrigeration Society;

新产品推介发布、技术交流会; 4. New product introduction and technical exchange meeting;

制冷行业 CEO圆桌会议; 5. CEO roundtable meeting of refrigeration industry ;

买家采购对接洽谈会。 6. Buyers Matchmaking Fair.

Fourth, the exhibition characteristics

结合国家产业政策和全球市场变化,紧抓最新行业趋势及热点问题,拟邀请两院院士、行业泰斗拟会,举办系列主题论坛、专题研讨会、技术交流会; 1. Industry outlets and high-end summits: Combining national industrial policies and global market changes to grasp the latest industry trends and hot issues, it is planned to invite academicians of the two academies and industry leaders to hold a series of theme forums, seminars, and technology exchange meetings;

邀请全国制冷空调暖通领域设计专家、冷冻冷藏业代表、暖通空调高端用户等专业观众观摩展会,并与展商进行深度合作交流; 2. Accurate solicitation and in-depth cooperation: high-precision, high-coverage professional visitor organizations invite national design experts in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, representatives of the refrigeration and refrigeration industry, and high-end users of HVAC to observe the exhibition and conduct in-depth discussions with exhibitors Cooperation and exchange;

利用全国媒体资源宣传展会,打通线上线下,辅以大数据精准营销系统,实现观众、展商与展会的 “无缝对接”; 3. Professional operation and precision marketing: Professional exhibition companies provide international and professional organization and operation services, use national media resources to promote the exhibition, connect online and offline, and assist with big data precision marketing systems to achieve audience, exhibitor and exhibition "Seamless";

针对行业热点,分别设置冷链展示专区、臭氧气候技术路演展示专区和热泵展示专区、洁净技术展示区、设计、施工及后市场展示区,展示最新技术与产品应用及全产业链、全生命周期解决方案。 4. Hot Technology and Featured Exhibition Areas : According to industry hotspots, set up cold chain display area, ozone climate technology roadshow display area and heat pump display area, clean technology display area, design, construction and after-market display area to display the latest technology and product applications. And the entire industry chain and life cycle solutions.

V. Display range

:制冷机组、压缩机、冷凝器、蒸发器、换热器、膨胀阀、制冷剂、冷冻机油、速冻机、制冰机等;冷库、冷藏库和冷冻室等冷冻冷藏设备; 1. Refrigerators, refrigeration units and supporting equipment : refrigeration units, compressors, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, expansion valves, refrigerants, refrigerator oils, quick freezers, ice makers, etc .; cold storage, refrigerators and freezers Freezing and refrigeration equipment such as rooms;

空调设备:工业 /商用/家用/中央空调系统与配套产品、节能环保空调、专用空调、精密空调、保温材料、泵/阀/管道管件、冷却塔、膨胀罐 水箱、空气处理、新风机组、加湿除湿 /排风除尘装置 2. Air-conditioning equipment: industrial / commercial / household / central air-conditioning system and ancillary products, energy-saving and environmental-friendly air-conditioning, special air-conditioning, precision air-conditioning, insulation materials, pumps / valves / pipe fittings, cooling towers, expansion tanks , water tanks, air treatment, fresh air Units, humidifying and dehumidifying / exhausting dust removal devices ;

热泵:空气源 /地源/水源/复合热泵系统 ,各类烘干设备 配套产品 ; 3. Heat pump: air source / ground source / water source / composite heat pump system , various drying equipment and supporting products ;

通风与新风设备: 热交换器及新风系统、 风机、盘管、风口、空气(风)幕、风管系统 4. Ventilation and fresh air equipment: heat exchangers and fresh air systems, fans, coils, tuyeres, air (wind) curtains, and air duct systems ;

检测仪器; 5. Clean room and air purification series products: clean air-conditioning units, air-conditioning filters, FFU, clean benches, biological safety cabinets, air purifiers, air shower rooms, laminar flow hoods, purification lamps, sterilization, cleaning and disinfection equipment , Clean room series supplies, materials and particle counters, air flow hoods, differential pressure meters, sound level meters, illuminance meters, plankton samplers and other testing instruments;

电气及自动控制 设备 :自控产品、自动化仪器仪表、冷热计量表、温控器、流量计、 (压力、流量)控制器(阀)、变频器、传感器 空调清洗检测维修设备 制冷空调行业专用工具等; 6. Electrical and automatic control equipment : automatic control products, automatic instruments and meters, hot and cold meters, temperature controllers, flow meters, (pressure, flow) controllers (valves), inverters, sensors , air conditioning cleaning inspection and maintenance equipment , refrigeration Special tools for air conditioning industry;

冷库工程:冷藏 冷冻 ,制冷系统设备及配件,冷库门 /板、保温系统及材料,专用照明设备,远程监控、管道/管材连接件,加湿及除湿,密封材料,泵阀门等 冷库仓储及运输设备(车辆)、包装与拣选设备,物料搬运 /装载,内部物流服务与软件; 7. Cold storage engineering: refrigeration , freezer , refrigeration system equipment and accessories, cold storage doors / plates, insulation systems and materials, special lighting equipment, remote monitoring, pipe / pipe connection, humidification and dehumidification, sealing materials, pump valves, etc. , Cold storage and transportation equipment (vehicles), packaging and picking equipment, material handling / loading, internal logistics services and software;

冷链配送 及运输设备 服务 食品安全及物流配送,食品及追溯,冷链包装 /信息系统,医药冷链服务 、冷库租赁服务、冷链园区服务等 8. Cold chain distribution and transportation equipment services : food safety and logistics distribution, food and traceability, cold chain packaging / information systems, pharmaceutical cold chain services , cold storage rental services, cold chain park services, etc .;

食品保鲜设备、冷冻冷藏设备、食品贮藏技术, 果蔬气调库、 冷藏柜 、箱,冷冻包装盒、 速冻设备 真空预冷机 制冰机,医药生化低温冷藏设备 车载冰箱,蓄冷保温材料等 9. Frozen food processing: food fresh-keeping equipment, freezing and refrigerating equipment, food storage technology, fruit and vegetable atmosphere storage, refrigerators , boxes, frozen packaging boxes, quick-freezing equipment , vacuum pre-coolers , ice makers, medical and biochemical cryogenic refrigeration equipment , Car refrigerators, cold storage insulation materials, etc.  

Target audience

1. Refrigeration industry groups: air conditioning, ventilation, HVAC, engineering companies, installation companies, plant construction units, etc .;

制造与建筑业: 纺织、陶瓷、五金、皮革、电镀、电子、制鞋、印染、制衣、包装、食品、酿造、制药、锅炉 建筑设计院、机电安装单位等; 2. Manufacturing and construction industry: textiles, ceramics, hardware, leather, electroplating, electronics, footwear, printing and dyeing, clothing, packaging, food, brewing, pharmaceuticals, boilers , architectural design institutes, mechanical and electrical installation units, etc .;

房地产开发商、 大型商超、星级 酒店、医院、学校、候车 候车厅 、大型娱乐中心、地下停车场等; 3. Public service industry: real estate developers, large commercial supermarkets, star hotels, hospitals, schools, waiting halls , large entertainment centers, underground parking lots, etc.

冷冻冷藏 业: 食品冷冻加工生产企业、保鲜设备和技术供应商 、生鲜电商、 水果和蔬菜、花卉等农产品生产加工、仓库 /冷库业主 4. Food freezing and refrigerating industry: food freezing processing production enterprises, fresh-keeping equipment and technology suppliers , fresh electricity suppliers, fruits and vegetables, flowers and other agricultural product production and processing, warehouse / cold storage owners, etc .;

5. Universities and institutes: teachers and students of refrigeration and air-conditioning and related majors, experts, scholars, and research technicians in research institutes;

国内外经销商、代理商、投资公司、进出口贸易公司等 6. Distribution agency: domestic and foreign distributors, agents, investment companies, import and export trading companies, etc.

7. Booth specifications and charging standards

The current exhibition period is three days, mainly including two types of special booths and standard booths (special booths are designed and constructed by exhibitors themselves). 980元/㎡、标准展位9800元/个,境外企业室内光地380美元/㎡、标准展位3800美元/个。 Indoor enterprises in domestic enterprises are 980 yuan / ㎡, standard booths are 9,800 yuan / unit, overseas enterprises indoor bare spaces are 380 yuan / ㎡, and standard booths are 3800 yuan / unit.

Eight, other instructions

1. Introduction to the exhibition hall

20分钟车程内,地铁2、3、8号线在此交汇,便捷通达武汉三镇。 China (Wuhan) Cultural Expo Center is located in Jinyintan, Hankou, Wuhan. It is surrounded by major roads such as Wuhan Avenue, Third Ring Road, Jinyintan Avenue and Hongtu Avenue. It is within 20 minutes' drive from Tianhe Airport and Hankou Railway Station . Metro lines 2, 3, and 8 intersect here, providing convenient access to the three towns of Wuhan.

2. Contact Information of the Organizing Committee

13627220468 高丽华:13667193595 Zhang Dingguo: 13627220468 Gao Lihua: 13667193595

17671778676 办公电话:027—87338360 Xu Jingfang: 17671778676 Office phone: 027—87338360

hubeizhileng@sina.com 网址: hbszlxh.org Email: hubeizhileng@sina.com Website: hbszlxh.org

Shange Exhibition Co., Ltd.

13917644128 王菲菲18672318826 Contact: Deng Li 13917644128 Faye Wong 18672318826

027—87115262 Office phone: 027—87115262

Wuhan Chenghuiyou Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

18971199801 金瑶18971199803 Contact: Tan Tuo 18971199801 Jin Yao 18971199803



                          Hubei Refrigeration Association ,,,,,,,,,,

July 23, 2019



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